Changes or Additions are noted in red 

1) Be aware of locations of fire extinguishers, first aid kits & emergency phone access.
2) For turn marshal safety all cars must have a front bumper that is made of shock
   absorbing material - nylon, plastic, delrin, kydex etc. Front bumpers must be mounted so
   that they will make contact on another object prior to another portion of a car in a front
3) No metal allowed on any bodies or wings or used as supports.
4) No cars allowed to exceed 85db loudness.
5) Any cars damaged and placed in the infield will remain there until the race is over.
6. No over charging or zapping of batteries of any kind this is a safety hazard to you and everyone around you !

1) All bodies must resemble real full scale cars running on dirt.
2)No silicone, silicone impregnated or rubber capped tires permitted.
3) Protest must be submitted in writing and include a $20.00 per protested item fee. Protest
   items regarding engines/motors may involve tear down for inspection and the retail cost
   of items shall be provided by protester. Tear downs will be done at the end of all racing.
   Engines and motors will be marked for identification purposes at time of protest. All
   protested vehicles will be impounded immediately after their final race until inspection.
   Drivers refusing to release vehicle for inspection will be disqualified. During qualifying,
   only racers in the same class may file protest. During mains only racers in the same main
   can file protest. The final decision regarding rule enforcement is at the discretion of the
   race director.

1) It is the driver's responsibility to make sure they have a good working transponder. 
                The track is not responsible for your transponder failing to count. What the computer 
prints out is what the results are.

Turn Marshals:
1) All drivers must turn marshal the next race immediately following their race. 
If you are in the race immediately following the race you should turn marshal it is your responsibility to
   find another racer to take your place. 
Failure to turn marshal can result in time being added 
   to your qualifying / main time and or result in penalty of points.
2) All turn marshals shall wear closed toed shoes, NO OPEN TOED SHOES.
3) No eating, drinking, smoking or talking/texting on a phone while turn

1) All racers are expected to know what starting position they are in and line themselves up accordingly. 
If you can not maintain the pace the leader sets, drop back but do not pass someone you should
   not be ahead of.
2) If you fail to grid in the correct position your car will be pulled from 
   the track and you will not be allowed to run in that race. 
Make sure you know what position you've been assigned 
   and that your car will idle.

1) No profanity / yelling / screaming / fighting will be tolerated, you will be asked to leave. ( or bounced out on your head)
2) No rough driving. 1st offense you will get a warning, 2nd offense you will be docked a lap.
3) Blatant and intentional crashing of someone‚Äôs car will result in your DQ and asked to leave park.
4) At no time will anyone be permitted to cross the track during a race to retrieve or return a
   car from the infield. 
Disqualification or lap deduction could be the result if driver or crew member attempt retrieve / return of an in field car

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