B4 LM Rules 

(Rubber Tire Only)


The standard B4.1 or the B4.2 RTR chassis. 

No modifications may be made to the chassis. 

Vehicle must be raced in its stock form. 

Battery must be in stock location. No aftermarket or Hop up replacement components may be installed. 

The chassis must be stock. 

No aftermarket parts may be added except front bumpers. 

All kits must use their supplied components no mixing of any parts. 

You may use anything that came in the OEM box, (as the manufacture attended it to be used) as well as any shock oil, springs, spacers, or any body mounts you choose. 

You may add weight any place on the vehicle, but may not modify the chassis or suspension in anyway, including removing weight. 

Shock spacers must be the same type that came with kit NO clamp style or adjustable part factory made or home made. 


Both the front & the rear suspension systems must remain in stock form. 

All hook ups must remain in stock location. 

Hop up replacement components may NOT be installed, this includes different rear toe plates or caster blocks. All cars must use the stock 25 degree caster blocks and stock 3 degree rear toe block.that came on the car! 

Wheel spacers are ok.

Legal Tuning Parts:

Direct replacement parts are allowed are the out drives (CVD's) to replace the "dogbones". 

Ball differentials are NOT permitted. 

The part must be a direct replacement part from the manual. 

You may use any springs from any manufacturer and may add limiters inside or outside shocks and use any shock oil. 


No modifications may be made to the steering system. 0riginal Kit parts 0nly. All kits must use their supplied components. Minimum Weight = No restrictions

Rear Spoiler:

 maximum chord from body deck including any wicker bills: 2.00" Rear Spoiler End Cap

Maximum rear deck height from bottom of chassis is 4.0" No side dams allowed


Original Kit electronic Speed Control-XP Digital brushless (450,500 or 600 esc) only. 

Servo may be changed to any servo with less than a $35 value. You may install any receiver.


Must run the motor that was supplied in the kit (3300kv). 

Motor must tech out at less than 3500 KV at ambient temperature.

NOW there are several meters out there and none say the same thing we will use RRRT meter NO MATTER what your meter said or the last track you where at meter said ! The First thing you need to do is to get with our staff test your meter against our meter note the deference and understand our meter has the ONLY say.

The two piece/take apart motor is allowed as a replacement. 

All cars must use the stock 81 tooth Spur (43.61mm) and a 21 tooth pinion (12.12mm).


(CDOB Rules)  

If you are running by  CDOB rules check list below. 

DODC SPEC3200 28C 7.4 Volt

RC King 5200 30C

ONYX 4000mAh 2s 25C 7.4 Volt Hard Case 

ONYX 5000mAh 2s 25C 7.4 Volt  Hard Case 

Venom 3300mAh 2s 7.4 Volt

Zippy 4000mAh 2s 7.4 Volt

Also Any ROAR Approved 2s 7.4v Lipo... Must Be a hard case stick pack 30C or less with 5000mAh or less.


Rubber Tires ONLY!  The Custom Works .... Street Trac" or "Sticker" tires on the CW wheel is suggested tire and wheel. The Losi mini 8 tire is also permitted. All tires must be mounted on wheels that have the same dimensions as the CW wheels (#6426/6436 fronts and #6446/6456 rears).

(NEW) RC4Less Dirt Oval pre-mounted front and rears  fits B-4 Classes and other dirt oval cars that use the standard 3/16 x 3/8 front bearing and the standard rear axles that use a 3/16" rear axle with a roll pin. All tires must not be Iarger than 77.8O mm or 3.06" in diameter. No pin tires allowed.

NO slicks tire can be worn out and become slick but no slicks that are molded as slicks

Tire must fall through RRRT template on its own NO pressure can be applied to push through ! 

 late Model bodies only
(CDOB body list)

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