13.5  Short Course Late Model 

Production baed only

1. Any 13.5 brushless motor ROAR APPROVED 
2. Any 7.4V Lipo battery that has a quick release hobby grade connector for connection to the ESC.

 1. Speed control- BLINKY MODE ONLY stock no timing
 (approved ESC's- Tekin tektt1155, Hobbywing hwa30112000, Reedy asc27002)

Bodies: Approved Body list: 
   A+ one piece
   C&M “Atomic SC”, “Assassin” & “Atomic”
   Losi # los8096
   OFNA # 31143
   Onstat LM B1 ,B2 , AND B3
   RJ Speed 1/8 Dirt Oval Body
   RJ Speed Mega Wedge 1/8 Dirt Oval Body
   Stalker SS
   Setser SS Late Model Body
   Mach 1

Spoilers/Wings/Side dams:
1. Rear spoiler 3” max length
2. Left side dam-starting edge may begin from center of front axle with wheels straight to rear
   and cannot extend past the rear spoiler. Maximum height of side dam can be 5”, must have
   two attachment points at least 8” apart. Must be clear and free of paint or stickers.
3. Right/Left/Center spoiler cap (max of three across rear spoiler)
4. No additional wings, spoilers, flaps, etc can be added except what is stated in the rules.
5. No Metal is allowed to be added to any body, bumpers, wings or used as supports.
6. Bumpers must be made of shock absorbing material (no metal) and must be completely
   covered by the body.

1. Any production based factory built rear engine short course truck, rear engine chassis have no weigh limit. All trucks are to remain in stock form, 
    No alterations of any sort allowed (cutting, drilling, grinding) for racing advantages, such as lightening or moveable components 
   Not allowed:  Machined carbon fiber, fiberglass, custom parts, or altering of parts. And no high performance parts or chassis that aren't production 
   based from manufacture.
2. Stock shock towers
3. Stock shocks (rears only on rear, fronts only on front)must also be for your brand of truck.
4. Stock centered battery location
5. Stock motor location
6. Exceptions  mid motor/mid motor conversion kits  or carbon fiber chassis or parts will be allowed to race BUT they have to weigh a min of 6.5 lbs

1. Single speed transmission only
2. Must be 2 wheel drive and rear wheel drive only.

1. Wheels must be the 2.2/3.0 SC Wheels, no 1/10 ST or 1/8 buggy wheels
2. Tires must be the 2.2/3.0 SC rubber tires only.

All rules are subject to change at any time

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