1/8 Scale Sprint Nitro

   Must have carburetor return spring
   Any single engine sized .21 or larger (Nitro engine only)

Chassis: Ofna
1) Max Wheelbase 13.25”
2) Max track width 12.375”
3) No part of nerf wings or chassis may extend past the plane of the tires
4) Must be stock SPRINT CAR CHASSIS NO late model chassis

Wings and body
1) body must be sprint car representable (track has discretion)
2) All wings must resemble in appearance and detentions the stock wing that comes with the ofna kit

1) 4 wheel Drive only
2) Must use standard 3 diff setup (rear/center/front) with shafts connecting front to center and
   Rear to center. Each of the 3 diffs may house either a diff, locker, torsen, spool, one-way, 1 speed or 2 speed.

1) Wheels must be 17mm buggy wheels with max diameter of 3 7/16” and min Diameter of 3 1/16”

 Foam tire specs: 
   Max tire diameter- 106mm Max tire width- 46mm

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