1/8 Scale Electric 3 Cell Outlaw

Any 1/8 Motor
    3 Cell        **NO ZAPPING BATTERIES** 

Approved Body list:
  A+ one piece
  C&M “Atomic SC”, “Assassin” & “Atomic”
  Losi # losa8096
  OFNA # 31143
  Onstat LM B-1 , B-2, AND B3
  RJ Speed 1/8 Dirt Oval Body
  RJ Speed Mega Wedge 1/8 Dirt Oval Body
  Stalker SS
  Setser SS Late Model Body
  MACH 1 2014
  MACH 1 2015
Spoilers/Wings/Side dams:
1. Rear spoiler 3” max length
2. Left side dam-starting edge may begin from center of front axle with wheels straight to rear spoiler 
   and cannot extend past the rear spoiler. Maximum height of side dam can be 5”, must have
   two attachment points at least 8” apart. Must be clear and free of paint or stickers.
3. Right/Left/Center spoiler cap (max of three across rear spoiler)
4. No additional wings, spoilers, flaps, etc can be added except what is stated in the rules.
5. No Metal is allowed to be added to any body, bumpers, wings or used as supports.
6. Bumpers must be made of shock absorbing material (no metal) and must be completely
  covered by the body.
1. Max track width 12.375”
2. No part of nerf wings or chassis may extend past the plane of the tires
3. MIN Wheel Base 12.375"
1. 4 wheel Drive only
2. Must use standard 3 diff setup (rear/center/front) with shafts connecting front to center and
  Rear to center. Each of the 3 diffs may house either a diff, locker, torsen, spool, one-way, 1 speed.
1. Tracks choice on which tires are legal (Foam or Rubber) from approved tire list! 
2. All wheels must be 17mm buggy based. 
Foam tire specs:
 1. Max tire diameter- 106mm Max tire width- 46mm

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