Must be 1/5 production based 2 WD 5B buggy chassis.

No shortened, extended,offset or flat (Front kick up) style.

3 All parts must be stock or after market stock style Baja upgrades ( durability only)

Any and all parts must be flush or in side the tread width. 1/8 tolerance.

All chassis and tires must remain inside the body.

No metal or carbon fiber front bumpers.

Wheel extenders allowed

8 Adjustable front and rear shock towers allowed.

9 No cutting or altering of chassis

10 Home made body mounts and shock mounts ok


1 Size: 23cc to 30.5cc max

2 No reed, piston port only

Stock flywheel (No lightening)

4 Exhaust: 15483-CY - CY/RC HIGH FLOW EXHAUST

5 Fuel: Gas only!


Max over all length 48"  

Max width where deck and A post meet and where
  rear quarter panel and deck meet 20"

Max width at front flopper's widest point 26"

Must have the Woo/Lucas appearance ( No wedge style)

Decking is allowed

Only holes allowed in deck are for Spark plug

There will be no metal body parts of any kind. Roll cage can be metal.

Rear Spoiler Specs

Rear spoiler can only be as wide as the body at the rear quarter panels.

Rear spoiler 5" max from deck.

The end caps must be a triangle shape and be in proportion to todays Late Models.
  You may have one fin on the spoiler and two side caps.
  The third fin must also be the same dimension as side cap.
  It can be located anywhere on the spoiler between the two side caps.
  The fin must be in line with the side
  caps on the front leading edge.


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