1/10th  17.5 Late Model 2wd


General: For turn marshal safety all cars must have a front bumper that is made of a shock absorbing material e.g. nylon, delrin, plastic, kydex etc. Front bumpers must be mounted in such a way that they will contact an object prior to any other portion of the car in a front impact. All cars must have 4-wheel independent suspension, single speed transmissions only. No Gyros of anykind are allowed. All power, radio equipment and weights must be in a secured and fixed position and not moveable during a race. 

  • Foam Tires:
    Max wheel diameter: 2.0”
    Front tire and wheel width: Max 1.1”
    Rear tire and wheel width: Max 1.5”, Min 1.4"

2WD Chassis: 

All entries must be 2wd and rear wheel drive only. No straight axle cars are allowed. No front brakes allowed.

  • Wheelbase: 9.5” min, 11.5" max 
  • Maximum width: 10.000” (foam tires),

17.5 Stock:
 Any Motor from the ROAR Approved Modified/17.5 Spec category and any ROAR approved 7.4 Volt 2 cell Lipo battery are legal. Batteries must use a quick release hobby grade connector for connection to the ESC, servos, deans, traxxas etc. No additional batteries are allowed including those used to power recievers or cooling fans.

All racers shall take every precaution to insure safe charging and discharging techniques with their batteries. This shall include but is not limited to, attentive monitoring of battery during charging and use of a proper charging container i.e., LiPo sack. To ensure safe charging methods are followed by all competitors, all batteries may be checked prior to each race to ensure battery voltage is a maximum of 8.44 volts or less. If the battery reads 8.45 or more you do not race. Battery temperature may also be checked with the following pre-race procedure. A control pack will be placed in the tech area for the purpose of monitoring the pack temperature. Checked batteries shall be no more than 10° F above the temp of the control pack.

Blinky Speed Control Only
Any production ESC with a Blinky Mode(roar approved)

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